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Nest Arts Tech Support

Why ?

If you've ever tried to take an artwork to a festival, you'll have struggled with installing it, making it work, keeping it working and taking it down. You wished you hadn't forgotten an essential tool, or a spare part. You want someone to help you fix it, whether it's with solder, hot glue, gaffa tape or a ladder. Or a bit of technical knowledge.

This wiki is part of Art Tech Support for Nest 2018. It's intended to encourage you to bring an artwork along and help you get it ready : to suggest solutions, suppliers, fonts of knowledge and answers to common problems. And when you get there, help you get it installed and keep it running.

What next?

This is a work in progress : I've just put a few likely headings here and will flesh them out as I go.

What later?

What not?

This site (and me) aren't for general Nest art issues, nor specifically for structure building, high power electrical installations or safety issues. Nest has more suitable people addressing those areas. It's to support people wanting to bring tech art to Nest with information, guidance and a spanner.

If you can't find them yourself at the main site, contact me at the address below and I'll try to put you in touch with the right person.


I'm Adrian. I'm relatively new to burns and to Nest, but have very much appreciated the helpful people who have solved some of the problems I had. I was sad to see projects that were beautifully conceived but couldn't work because their creators weren't able to fix them on site, and hope to help stop that happening.

I'm handy with a soldering iron and a screwdriver but more importantly I'm making it my business to know who can help you with the things I can't. I'll try to send you to someone who can answer your questions.


I'm currently making this wiki public-read but not editable so I don't have to deal with spam. If you can't find an answer for your question, would like me to add a topic, want to help out and maintain a section or just want to talk about your project, please write to me at

When and Where ??

These are questions for Burning Nest organisers.